Lady Roz G

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Lady Roz GOrange, New Jersey born & raised Roslane Gholston, known to some as Big Roz or Lady Roz G, is one of the funniest up & coming female comedians in the country. As soon as she blazes the stage with her comedic skills, thunderous voice, and her voluptuous persona, promoters are waiting to book her and the audience is eagerly waiting to shake her hand. In a male dominated career, Roz G is as strong on stage as the average male comedian. The statement …”I’m not going behind her” is frequently heard from other comedians.

Roz G is no stranger to large audience since she has 10 years experience as a motivational speaker on 12-Step programs and Women’s Issues all over the country. Roz G has developed her own following by hosting and performing at a variety clubs, colleges and special events in the tri-state area and abroad. In addition, she sings, raps, and dances; and most of all she is naturally FUNNY. This multi-talented comedian is sizzling and definitely a star in the making. Roz G has accomplished the goals that other comedians take years to do, as you will see in her attached resume. Funny females are hard to find but she is definitely moving and shaking to the level. Catch Roz G this fall on the new season of BET Comic View 2005 in New Orleans also Comedy Central’s Laffapalooza Comedy Festival.

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  • I just saw “Hoe Resume” on Facebook. Omigod, so, so funny!!! I wanted to find out more about this comedian- the clip I saw didn’t even have her name. When I started searching I found an article that said Lady Roz G had had a series of strokes back in January of 2014. Can ANYBODY tell me what happened to her, how is she doing, does she need any help? Thanking you in advance for anything you can tell me….