Baron Vaughn

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Baron Vaughn was born in a small town called Portales, New Mexico, to a very young woman. So young that his great-grandparents took him from his mother and raised him for a bit in another small town called Tucumcari, New Mexico. At about seven years of age, his mother came to get him so she could start being a responsible adult. Together they discovered that New Mexico had little to offer besides soot and poverty, so they packed up their bags and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

After a turbulent middle school and high school period involving drinking, yelling, punching, screaming, gangs, violins, theatre, kissing, bra straps, movies, theatre, and theatre, Vaughn went to college in Boston, which involved all of the same things except gangs and violins. After much training and many open mics in Boston, Vaughn moved to New York City where a person’s success never equals that same person’s sense of self-worth.

Vaughn has performed at the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, on all the major shows in the alternative comedy scene, and at clubs and colleges around the country. You may also have seen him in one of his many television commercials or dressed as a turkey on Nickelodeon. Oh yeah, and he did a little thing called A Broadway Show as well.


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