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Alycia CooperStand-Up Comedienne, Alycia Cooper, has been acting since the age of seven. She started out at Howard University’s Children’s Repertory Theater and continued to act throughout college. In 1991 she played the principal role of “Evilene” in the hit musical, “The Wiz.”

For eight years, Alycia Cooper produced television in Washington, D.C. She was the creative force behind such shows as “Video Soul,” “In Your Ear,” “Rap City” and “Soundstage” (the restaurant and club). She spent two years producing a radio show for 96.3 WHUR-FM called, “The Audrey Chapman Show.”

Alycia Cooper was the Public Relations Assistant for “In the Public Eye, Productions” with such clients as Iyanla VanZant, Les Brown, Derek McGinty, (co-anchor of “Real Sports” with Bryant Gumbel”), and a host of others. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has worked on “The Magic Hour,” “The Love Connection,” “MTV,” “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus,” “Oh Drama,” “The Grown-Ups” and “The Parkers.”

She writes the “Top 10’s” for the #1 radio show in Los Angeles, “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” and has written for the likes of Russell Simmons, of Def Jam fame. As for sitcoms, she has written specs of “Veronica’s Closet,” “Jesse,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Will and Grace” and “Bernie Mac Show.” She has also penned a feature length screenplay.

Alycia Cooper was chosen by Sara Finney-Johnson and Bill Boulware of “The Parkers / Moesha” fame to sit in the writer’s room every day and learn the craft firsthand at “The Parkers” as a WGA Trainee. She was selected out of dozens of applicants.

Upon completion of her trainee position, Alycia wrote and produced new “main titles” for “The Parkers” that air at the top of the show every Monday night at 8pm on UPN, and became the first female “audience warm-up” person for the show.

Alycia Cooper has been a featured comic on “BET’s Comicview.” She has also been on “BET Live” and “Oh Drama.” She is currently touring the country performing comedy while simultaneously producing a new show for “BET” hosted by fellow comic, Sheryl Underwood.

Alycia Cooper is multi-talented and an asset to any team with which she works. Her background has created relationships with people in the record industry, television, film, radio, comedy circuits, public relations and casting. Her tenacity and work ethic inspires and brings out the best in those around her.

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