Affion Crockett

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Affion Crockett is an actor, writer, dancer, rapper, comedian, music producer, and maker of YouTube videos. Crockett began his career as a dancer at age 10, winning breaking and popping contests with his older brother.[citation needed] Later on, he honed his impression skills by imitating anyone from his mother’s West Indian dialect or his schoolteacher’s southern drawl to the Scarface’s choppy Cuban accent. After graduating from Fayetteville State University, with a bachelor’s degree in business, Affion set his sights on the entertainment industry.

Crockett appeared in HBO’s Def Comedy Jam in 1996, demonstrating his impressions and physical comedy. He also shows his range with dramatic turns on CSI: NY, NYPD Blue and The District. He appeared on MTV’s Short Circuitz with Nick Cannon. He has appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm as “Car Customer #2” and Cedric The Entertainer’s Show. Crockett also co-starred in the films, Dance Flick with the Wayans Brothers, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins with Martin Lawrence, and Soul Men with Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac.

Crockett starred in and produced his own sketch comedy show for Fox called “In the Flow with Affion Crockett” which was also executive produced by Jamie Foxx. Crockett did impressions of Chris Rock, Drake, Tiger Woods, Dave Chappelle, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Barack Obama among others. The show was cancelled due to low ratings. Crockett himself said he might produce the show and take it to another channel.


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  • The show was cancelled because it wasnt given a chance! Affion is a talent and they messed with him, got into his business and watered down the comedy. he should do it himself!